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Half Full Half Empty - Paperback

This story is about divine intervention. Niven is a man who rushes to judgement and makes rash decisions. But what he doesn’t realize is that his rash decisions are costing him and destroying those whom he is supposed to protect. Stacy, his fiancé, tries to help him and follow his lead. However, this puts Stacy and their daughters at the mercy of destruction. Niven opens his third eye and allows spiritual signs to lead him in the proper way. Until he makes a deliberate choice to risk it all. “Pride comes before a fall.” Stacy is called upon to serve a spiritual intervention with the man she loves. Leaving them both “Half Empty, Half Full.” 

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One Chance To Be A Man - Paperback

A true story. The struggle of a little boy becoming a man. Making the wrong choices for what appears to be the right decisions. When his mother dies from smoking crack he has to make a decision, is the street life what he wants to keep living? When he asked himself this question a whole new world opens up for him, he eventually takes everything he learned on the streets and turns it into poetry. A man from the streets of Chicago who went searching for truth and found himself! A story like no other! An amazing journey! This book is about everything. 

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This book is passionate, articulate, and creative. "One Chance to Be a Man" unapologetically describes the frustrations felt from a life filled with intense and consecutive challenges. D-Revolution’s ability to evoke strong images with his gritty and honest reflections of the past and present creates a 3-D image for the reader with his intense descriptions. The book focuses on the writer’s introspection and self-actualization despite painful hallmarks in his life. This book is a testament to D-Revolution's success as a writer and a man.


This book has taken story-telling to another level..The first chapter prepares you for the journey.. You can hear the honesty and pain his voice. I give 4-stars because he leaves you wanting more..When the last chapter finishes you'll call a friend and share what you just read. THIS IS A COLLECTOR'S ITEM.


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